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A room and linen spray, this mist will provide a flame-free burst of scent that lingers for days.  Our Luxury Mist comes in a chic clear glass bottle with a gold mist top, enclosed in a linen dust bag and box.

Applewood Candle Co takes pride in being transparent about every aspect of our small business - including the raw ingredients and materials we use in our candles and home fragrance!
There are so many toxins silently lurking in our food, cleaning products, and, yes, often times, home fragrance. We vow to NEVER uses toxic ingredients (heck, lets be honest, I pour each and every candle myself - that would be a LOT of daily exposure to toxins that I wouldn't personally be comfortable with).
What I learned back in 2019 (and continue to educate myself on), is that there are ways to make a candle toxin-free… it may be a more difficult and longer production process, and we may have more limitations in terms of the scents/accords we can use, and our materials most definitely cost more, but a clean, family-safe candle is the entire reason I started Applewood 5 years ago, and continues to be our mission today! 
Back then, I had learned that 'big fragrance' dominated not only the commercial candle industry but also the raw material market for handcrafted makers.  I started this journey in 2019, and at that time, I'd learned that over 90% of candles sold contained at least one toxin. Many of these candles were labeled 'clean' or had catchy marketing that led even myself to believe that these were safe to be burned in my home when in reality, they weren't. 
We believe you should never have to choose between clean, quality ingredients and beautiful, aesthetically pleasing home fragrance - which is why here at Applewood, we are so proud to be clean, sustainably sourced and consciously-crafted from wax to wick. 
We've highlighting our ingredients below, so you can take a look and feel comfortable about the candles you're burning in your home. Take a peak and feel free to ask any questions - we're always here to help, with complete transparency and a smile! 
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